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How to start a blog? And how can you make it viral?

How to start a blog? And how can you make it viral?

  • 20th April, 2024

Creating a blog is challenging sometimes. Especially if you don’t know how to start. Don’t worry at all! We created the blog creation unlimited guide just for you. So, let’s start:

  1. Set up a platform for your blog:
    Choosing a platform is so important. You can choose a free platform like WordPress. It has many plugins that will help you do whatever you want. The only disadvantage is that it’s a little bit hard to set up. On the other hand, you can use something like Squarespace which is very easy to understand and use but unfortunately, it’s a paid service.
  2. What are you going to write about?
    It seems a silly question but actually, it’s really important. You can decide to write about something, but no one is interested in such a thing. So, we advise you to make a little research on google trends or any SEO tool like Moz or Ubersuggest to expect how many people are interested in that topic and when it’s suitable to publish it.
  3. Decide the type of blog post.
    There are many types of blog posts
    • Roundup post: when you count all the experts in a particular field like all the doctor and their numbers in Dubai, UAE
    • List-post: when you create a list about something like a list of all websites that give you free backlinks.
    • How to post: when you solve a particular problem that can face your customer like how to participate in the metaverse
    • Ultimate guidepost: when you give every detail about a topic like this blog post you are reading.
  4. Having a working title:
    After deciding what you will write your blog about, it’s so important to write a catchy title that attracts your followers. You can ask a question like “how to start a blog?” or start it with a number like 5 ways to work from home. Just keep in mind to write a title that is related to your blog post and attracts your customer's attention.
  5. Arrange writing to different sections:
    NO ONE. NO ONE likes to read a page full of words. so, write your blog post in small sections. The white spaces are so important to make the eye relax while reading and not get dizzy from so many words. make your post into small paragraphs that have titles on them in a bold or bigger font.
  6. Avoid using complicated words:
    Did you know that it’s best to write a blog at the fifth-grade level (10 years old)? It’s easier for people to read and to get information as fast as possible in the speed age. Keep in mind that it’s NOT a literature competition: simple words = more readers.
  7. Visuals:
    Don’t forget to contain visuals in the blog. Just words are now attractive to our eyes plus it’s harder to remember. Visuals are the solution to a problem like this. People get to engage more with a photo or a video. Here are some tips:
    • Science shows that people stare more at people’s faces especially if the eye is focused on an object. So using photos that have real people will increase your customers' engagement with the blog.
    • You can add memes for the sense of humor or GIFs. You can use some tools to create memes like
    • If you are explaining complex terms or topics, using a diagram or an infographic will make it easier for your readers to understand.
    • Editing photos is easy with tools like Canva and Pixlr
    • A variety of visuals can happen. You can have some screenshots for a tutorial and then a meme to engage readers.
    • Don’t forget the copyrights of the photo. That can make you accused by the law. Use platforms that give you free photos with their license like Pexels and Pixabay.
  8. Don’t forget the CTA (call of action):
    Tell people what to do after reading the blog. Mention your services if it’s related to the blog or tells them to share that blog with their friends and family if it will help them.
  9. Adding links:
    Adding links will make it easier for people to visit that website. Maybe they will use your blog as a reference. Thus, it will increase your SEO ranking (search engine optimization ranking to appear the first of the search).
  10. Editing grammar and spelling:
    After finishing the blog, it’s time to review it to correct any mistakes. You can make a specialist review and edit it for you, or you can use tools like Grammarly.
  11. publish Now you have finished all the steps of writing a blog post. But how can you make it go viral or make it easier, how to make content that sticks to the readers' brains and make your content or brand as rememberable as possible?

There is a rule called STEPPS. It was created by Jonah Berger. He said it’s only six steps to make anything go viral:

  1. S: Social currency:
    People talk about things that make them seem smart and cool. So simply make content that people will like to share. Content that makes them appear smarter in the other's eyes as they read something is so helpful and they want to help other people.
  2. T: Triggers:
    Top of the head. Tip of the tongue. To make something that is rememberable like a funny joke or a meme or something they will apply or use every day in their life.
  3. E: Emotion:
    We are humans, not robots. Humans relate to emotion. The content must have an emotional connection to readers. It can be motivational, funny, or even something that makes them cry. It allows you to engage with them on a much more personal level and will provide you with a greater chance of succeeding with your content.
  4. P: Public:
    Achieving coverage (especially from the right outlets) is important because, as Jonah claims, “the more public something is, the more likely people will imitate it”. Always aim to create something with longevity that will continue to generate interest and remain popular as more people become aware of it. Regarding PR, think of how you can use your products and services in a public environment, both online and offline. 
  5. P: Practical value:
    This one is almost self-explanatory and it’s a principle that, as an industry, we’ve been applying to content for years and years: solve a problem. Give your audience something genuinely beneficial to them. Fill a gap in the market and provide them with unique insight and knowledge that will help them overcome an obstacle. This could be an age-old conundrum or a life hack that reinvents the wheel and applies to everyone.
  6. S: stories:
    People love stories from children to oldies. Stories make people engage and relate what you are saying to each other. They get related to characters so much especially if they feel they are like them. Great stories always stick to the mind especially if we like the characters and see ourselves in them.

Congratulations! Now you know how to make a blog and how to make it viral. There is only one last thing. How do organize posting different blog posts?

To track posts, you can use an editorial calendar such as Trello. Trello will make you share your tracking with your team members too and it’s for free and very easy to use. You can also use excel or google sheets. Using an editorial calendar will make everything organized and under control. It will make every member of the team know what his/her responsibilities are and what is the deadline for each task.

That’s it! We in Digializer hope that it will help you start your blog. If you are busy and want to start your business blog, don’t worry! We can help you make it. Contact us if you want to ask about anything. We are happy to help.

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